The Society for Educational Research (SER) is a global online community of Educationists, Educators, Scholars, Academics, Reformers and Pro-Active individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge, skills, and experiences with the
world at large.

For nearly 30 years, Team SER has helped individuals, institutes, institutions, and Governments around the world in the field of educational reform.

Between them, they comprise a collective wealth of hundreds of years of experience in a vast array of domains, primarily focusing on education, training, curriculum design and mentorship.

By ‘Changing Perspectives’, Team SER has been able to help thousands of individuals, institutes and organizations enhance their Mission, uplift their skills, upgrade their curricula and streamline their operations.


Build a world of peace, harmony and mutual respect, where Muslims become valuable contributors to the word.


To Change the way, we look at ourselves & the world, according to the Quran and Sunnah.


Rethink, Redesign & Re-engineer education systems through innovation, development & standardization of Curriculum & Pedagogy.